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Bi-Color Bag. Negro & Azul.


Bi-Color Bag. Negro & Azul.


Dos colores combinados con frente y manijas en negro: dorso violeta; azul o suela.

  • Exterior: frente cuero negro y dorso en color. Manijas en cuero negro charol. Herrajes níquel.
  • Interior: gabardina negra y dos bolsillos internos (uno con cierre níquel).
  • Medidas: 30cm alto x 42cm ancho x 12cm profundidad.

Two colors combined with front and handles in black: back in violet; blue or yellow-brown.

  • Exterior: black leather front and colored back. Handles in black leather. Nickel hardware.
  • Interior: black trench coat and two pockets inside (one of them with zipper).
  • Measurements: 11,8 in H; 16,5 in W; 4,7 in D.
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  • Negro, Azul y Charol / Black, blue and patent leather
  • Negro y Azul / Black and blue
  • Negro y Suela / Black and yellow-brown
  • Negro y Violeta / Black and Violet

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 12 x 42 x 30 cm


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